Tuesday, 17 June 2008


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This comment is from http://www.newsweek.com/id/141448?from=rss:

**Comment: Gordon Brown is a Scot, on of the reasons for his selection as Prime Minister to the United Kingdom was to keep the Scotland from seprating from the U. K. According to the explanation of some Britions, it is so happened that Gordon Brown was strolling along Downing Street, and at "Number 10" he met Merlin. With the touch of his magic wand Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. For this he may have prevented the Scotland for becoming independent from the UK. I think the reason why Great Britain need to have Scotland is similar to what George W. Bush's explanation of why he is invading Iraq. For liberty, justice, freedom and democracy? Or to defeat Osama or Obama what's the difference? He was actually going after the petroleum reserve in Iraq.Scotland is controlling the largest portion of the North Sea petroleum reserve. Without Scotland, the English will have to pay more $20 USD for a gallon or whatever equivalent to GBP/litre doubling the current $9 USD per gallon. Also, imagine what will happen if the United Kingdom loses Scotland:

(1) She will be called Ununited Kingdom,

(2) Her police headquarters will be called "England Yard" instead of Scotland Yard.

(3) The "Union Jack" will be missing one color and call "Union Jill".

(4) The Queen cannot call her husband Duke of Edingburgh but have to call him Duke of Yorkshire,except he is not fat enough.

(5) The male members of the Royal Family will no longer wear skirts.

(6) The English will not drink Scotch.

(7) James Bond 007 will have to work for Scotland.It will be a disaster for both Scotalnd and England. So I sincerely urge the United Kingdom to keep on being united! See what the dungeon and dragon have done to British politic? ** read about the source in Newsweek

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