Sunday, 1 June 2008

Binge Britain

"YEP IM HOPING WHEN IM OFF THE LEGAL AGE i will get drunk party hard and RAVE lol RAVE RAVE RAVE woooo" Ben 12 years old

Britain keeps going out on the piss. Tony Blair has labelled binge drinking - generally defined as necking twice the recommended daily number of units, four for men, three for women - as 'a new British disease'. For once this does not appear to be spin. The statistics speak for themselves: each year 14 million working days are lost due to alcohol abuse. Half of all violent crime - around 1.2m incidents a year - is attributed to binge drinking. At weekends 70 per cent of all admissions toA&E are the result of boozing. A study just released found that two-thirds of all ambulance calls on Friday and Saturday nights in London are alcohol related, costing the service nearly £20m. Bingeing accounts for 40 per cent of all drinking occasions among men and 22 per cent among women and the numbers are rising all the time, particularly in the 18 to 24-year-old group.

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