Monday, 21 April 2008

Thousands Of Staff Planning To Jump Ship

Going nowhere fast?

One in three workers feel demotivated - and many plan to quit their job in the next year, according to a new report.

A survey of almost 3,000 adults showed the main reasons for wanting to move were an unreasonable workload, feeling underpaid and lack of a clear career path.
Investors in People said its study showed that almost half of workers felt their organisation had failed to support their career development after an initial induction.
Workers in the North East were said to be the least motivated in the UK.
Chief executive Simon Jones said: "This research reveals a worrying picture, not only because such a significant proportion of UK employees are demotivated, but because it suggests that valuable employees may be heading for the door."
He said it was also important to highlight that employees who have been with an organisation for just one to two years are most likely to want to leave.
He pointed out that nearly half claim their employers focus their efforts on the initial induction stage but then, as they settle in, let development fall down the list of priorities.
Mr Jones added: "Employees, however long they've worked in an organisation, want better support from their managers alongside clear and effective feedback on their performance.
"This support is vital when it comes to mapping out career paths and identifying relevant training and development.
"Without it, employees are likely to drift and depart rather than stay engaged with their organisation's objectives.
"We hope this research will act as a reminder to employers of all sectors and sizes, ensuring they stay alert to the
signs of employee demotivation and take action to address it.
"Those that don't risk losing valuable talent and experience."

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